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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Academy

Science technology

The STEM Academy of West Adams Preparatory High School is one of the 38 Linked Learning schools in LAUSD and one of 6 with a pathway theme of engineering. Students have the opportunity to take a 3-year engineering course sequence with a focus on civil engineering and architecture. 

Vision Statement
The West Adams STEM Academy empowers students to become self-motivated critical thinkers with strong technical skills and personal resiliency. 

Mission Statement
The West Adams STEM Academy provides project-oriented design experiences that promote academic rigor through an industry pathway of science, technology, and engineering. 

Stem Academy students are Critical Thinkers, Collaborators, and Creators. 

Administrator: Salvador Garcia

Lead Teacher: Taylor Dehn

Room: S216

Phone Number: (323) 373-2565