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About the ACS WASC Commission

The purpose of the Commission is to foster excellence in elementary, secondary, adult and postsecondary institutions, and supplementary education programs. The Commission encourages school improvement through a process of continuing evaluation and recognizes institutions through granting accreditation to the schools that meet an acceptable level of quality in accordance with the established criteria.


What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a voluntary dual-purpose process that schools (1) must be worthy of the trust placed in them to provide high-quality learning and (2) clearly demonstrate continual self-improvement. An accredited school is focused on a mission and goals for students; it is student-oriented and examines its students’ performance continuously; it accepts objective evaluation from a team of outside peer professionals trained by ACS WASC; it maintains a qualified faculty within an effectively organized school; it collaboratively assesses the quality of its educational programs on a regular basis; and it plans for the future.


Critical Areas of Focus

  • Improve proficiency in Literacy and Numeracy
  • Continue to improve access and achievement in Advanced Placement courses
  • Continue to increase passage rates in all core/A-G classes
  • Continue to improve instruction of English Learners toward fluency and mastery of English skills
  • Increase the incorporation of 21st Century learning skills across all courses


  • Improve LA’s Promise’ communication and transparency to school site on resources available to improve student learning
  • Implement initiatives to allow enough time for data analysis and program evaluation 
  • Continue to find opportunities/time for collaboration to improve student learning