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Vision and Mission


Students First...Every Decision, Every Day

Our job is to equip all of our students with the ability to succeed in any walk of life they choose to pursue. Our world is constantly changing in countless ways. As the next generation of stakeholders in our society, our youth need to know how they can manage these changes in their family, school, jobs, community, and relationships. WAPHS is focused on the following points:


West Adams Preparatory High School will prepare all students to be successful, viable members of an ever-changing global society. 



The stakeholders of West Adams Preparatory High School commit to maintaining a nurturing learning environment in which teachers collaborate to develop rigorous and relevant learning opportunities for all students. 


Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Students will graduate from West Adams demonstrating the different values of Panther Pride. The entire West Adams community strives to foster students who are Prepared, Resilient, Innovative, Determined, and Empowered. 


Whole Child Approach

West Adams believes students need support in all areas of their lives if they are going to succeed academically. To this end, we provide human resources and programs to help our students’ academic achievement, social-emotional well-being, and physical health. 


If teachers, students, and parents work together then we can all receive excellent results for our children. They will be able to pursue their dreams and better themselves and in the future will be able to return to help and serve their families and communities while being models that other students can strive to emulate.


Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'

- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.