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Police Academy Magnet


The West Adams Police Academy Magnet is now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 academic year.  To apply for this program, please go to The code for the Police Academy Magnet is 1874803.

The Police Academy Magnet School Program curriculum goes beyond the basic high school course requirements, providing students with specialized coursework, training, mentoring, work, and volunteer opportunities. The program includes instruction in:

  • Communication skills, with emphasis on listening, reading, speaking, writing, and thinking as it relates to law enforcement
  • Basic concepts of criminal law, principles of law enforcement, constitutional law, the criminal justice system, and other law-related topics
  • Health training, including mental and physical health
  • The role of science and technology in solving crimes
  • Computer science, particularly programs which relate to law enforcement
  • Community service, to develop good citizenship and ongoing community involvement

Administrator: Shelley Aguilar

Magnet Coordinator/Lead Teacher: Faisal Saddique